Comdial DX-80/120 8 Port Digital Station Card DPM8 (7220-00)

Comdial DX-80/120 8 Port Digital Station Card DPM8 (7220-00)
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  • Item #: 7220-00
  • Manufacturer: Comdial
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7220-00
  • Condition: Refurbished

The DPM8 module expands the DX-80 system capacity of digital ports DET (Digital Executive Telephones) and DSS consoles.

Each digital port is comprised of a proprietary octal ASIC transceiver. There are three data channels in operation at each digital port via the octal transceiver. One channel is used for call processing control of digital terminal functions/operations and two channels are used for the digital voice channel requirements. The DPM8 is controlled directly from the 408M/E; therefore, there is no heartbeat LED located on the DPM8.

Each digital station interface is protected against circuit wiring shorts by an over-current protection Polyswitch.

The digital station circuit requires only one cable pair to operate and is not polarity sensitive.

Physical connection of digital port terminals (DET and DSS) to the DPM8 module is made through convenient RJ-11 connectors along the bottom edge of the module.

*Includes metal standoffs

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